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Dear Maliyah,


You are my person.


Forever and always.


Ever since you were placed in my arms, you have brought me joy I did not know existed. Joy that takes the most mundane of days and turns them into my favorite moments. You have provided me with unexplainable peace. Peace that puts my heart to rest because you are proof our Father takes care of us. You are the vessel through which our Father displays His goodness and love to me. His joy and peace. His power and majesty.


You do not know it, and you will never understand it, but the way you have transformed my heart and molded it to fall more in love with my Father is the greatest gift you could ever give me. Through you I see the perfection of His plans. The power He enables us with. The joy He offers us. The gentleness He caresses us with. The love He overwhelms us with. Through you I see Him.


It is because of you I find Him in everything and am transformed by it all. The littlest of moments now speak life into my soul and fill my lungs with the air to breathe. Now, in every sunset and sunrise, every rainstorm and sunny day, every word of kindness and embrace of a person, I see Him. I hear Him. I feel Him. Because of you.


You have softened my heart, so I can love better. You have humbled my heart, so I can see how much I need Him. You have strengthened my heart, so I can fight for His glory. You are the vessel through which He has shown me how much He loves me and will fight for me.


Because of you, I am forever changed. You are my greatest gift and most beloved treasure.


These letters are for you.


For you because without your light shining in my life, these tiny miracles and glorious moments would pass by me without notice. It is because of you I have learned to stop and see Him in it all. My love for my Father, this world, and you inspire each word of every letter. They are my attempt to do little of what you have so tremendously done for me.


These letters are my best and most authentic outpouring of my heart.


It is with all my love I try and give you a glimpse into what He is teaching me. How glorious a life lived with Him is. How joyous and lovely life can be.


All my love,


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