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Our Story

I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again- I never imagined it was possible, but my best friend is an eight year old.


It will forever be one of my favorite phone calls. A baby girl had been born, and she needed a home. Hers was not deemed safe. Without knowing the story that would unfold, our family all agreed that she was coming home from the hospital to be with us. We were not a foster family looking to adopt, and so I was told time and time again to not get too attached. Fortunately, that is not how my heart works and with one look at her, my heart was forever tied to hers.


I was thirteen years old, and she was two days old. This is where our story began.


She became my whole world. My days revolved around her- caressing her, rocking her, playing with her, feeding her, loving her. Never did I know a love so powerful until she came into my life.


A year and a half later, a man in a black gown with a wooden mallet named her an official Colander. We had fallen too much in love with her to let her go. My prayer of having a sister had been answered.


And so our story continued to unfold. Two Colander sisters doing life together.


It is no ordinary sisterhood though. With a thirteen year age gap, I get to play the best role. I come close to playing a mother role, but I am able to turn the major punishment and discipline over to our mom. I get to mentor and love, but also play the sister role by taking her on sister dates, staying up late during sleepovers, and giving her too much sugar.


We laugh until our sides ache, we run until our legs grow weary, and we live life to the fullest.


Our bond has become one that I’m unable to describe. It simply takes seeing us together to understand what we have.


All I know is our relationship was one specially crafted by our Father. One that He deemed special, significant, and one that would bring Him glory. 

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