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I am so grateful you are taking the time to visit my blog. My prayer and hope is that my posts encourage you and make your heart swell with the realization of how much your Father is fighting for you and loves you. 

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Undeniable Magic

Dear Maliyah,

It is almost Christmas. Almost time to set out cookies and milk and await the arrival of Santa. Time to gather around the tree with family and bask in the gift of the people He has given you. Time to eagerly unwrap the gifts stacked beneath the tree.

The magic of this season is undeniable and impossible to ignore.

The lights, the music, the ribbon, the cookies-all of it melds together to create a beautiful symphony of peace, joy, and love.

But never be tricked into believing the magic of Christmas comes because of the Santa suits and mistletoe. Oh no, the magic comes from the birth of one baby thousands of years ago. I know you have heard the story many times, but let me tell it to you anyways.

There were people everywhere. All in a hurry to register. The hustle and bustle was impossible to ignore. The multitude of voices blended to create a sound of chaos. The swift scampering of an endless number of feet attested to people’s needs to get there in time. And humanity’s inability to slow down reflected their ignorance of what the day would hold.

Mary and Joseph slowly carved their way through the crowd. The sun was shining brighter than ever causing small beads of sweat to drip down Mary’s face as she slowly breathed in and breathed out. The journey had been extensive, and her body was doing its best to compensate for the precious little life living inside of her. The bumpy mode of transportation only further added to the back pain and the aches from exhaustion.

She breathed in and out.

The sun began to set and the heat finally dissipated. The streets cleared as families went inside to gather around the dinner table. Doors closed signaling the end of another day. The sounds of voices were silenced, and the soft breeze could finally be heard. The world became dark aside from the illumination that came from the soft moonlight. Another day had ended, and another night had begun.

A night that would hold the power to change the world.

The pain got worse. The breathing became more rapid. The fear became real.

As Mary realized what was happening, panic overcame her. How bad would it hurt? Would the baby be okay? Would she be okay? Was there anyone around who could help them? What would happen when people saw her with a baby? What would she wrap the baby in? Where could they go? Was she really the right one for this?

Mary sat, quietly praying that Joseph would find somewhere they could go. The baby wasn’t going to wait much longer.

The seconds felt like minutes, and the minutes felt like hours. Where was he?

Finally, she heard his rushed footsteps and heavy breathing.

“Mary, my dear, how are you doing? I’m so sorry I took so long. All the inns are full and nobody would invite us into their home. I tried to explain that you were having a baby, but nobody seemed to care. I did find a place though! It isn’t exactly what I was looking for, but at least it is something. Come, I will show you.”

A stable? Sheep? Hay? Manure? The Son of God was to be born here?

These questions flooded Mary’s mind, but she didn’t have much time to pay heed to them. He was coming. Now. This stable would have to do.

The pain was unbearable.

The silence of the night was now filled with screams. Screams of agony. Of pain. Of fear.

And then for a moment there was silence.

And then it came. The sound of a baby’s cry. A cry filled with love. A cry filled with newness. A cry filled with hope. A cry filled with power.

The soft and sweet newborn cry echoed throughout the whole town.

And still no one seemed to care.

Joseph ripped off pieces of cloth from the clothes he had on. With a gentleness that only a father has, Joseph wrapped his Boy in swaddling cloths and ever so sweetly placed Him in Mary’s arms.

All at once Mary was overcome with feelings she had never felt before. A sense of love she had never known washed over her and filled her heart until it could hold no more. A feeling of awe beamed from deep down inside of her soul.

As she looked deep into her Son’s eyes, the tears began to fall. Never had she seen eyes so beautiful. Eyes so full of love. Eyes so full of power.

He fit perfectly in her arms.

He snuggled deeply into her chest.

10 perfect little toes. 10 perfect little fingers. Two beautiful eyes. One cute button nose. One perfectly shaped mouth.

It was Him.

With eyes so tender, Joseph sweetly looked into Mary’s eyes and said, “We shall name Him Jesus.”

And with those words, the world was forever changed.

Maliyah, the magic of it all is in the meaning. In the birth of our Savior. The One who came to save all people and to love all people.

The undeniable magic comes because the saving and love is offered to everyone.

It is not specifically for the ones who serve Jesus, the ones who go to church, the ones who tithe, or the ones who pray. It is for the people who love Jesus, but also the ones who hate Jesus. The ones who cry out His name for saving, and the ones who use His name in vain. The ones who love Him, and the ones who curse Him.

This gift, it is for everyone. There is magic in the air because the lights, music, ribbon, and cookies all signify the celebration of a saving grace that is offered to each one of His children. It is a moment that brings us together in a way not everyone understands or acknowledges, but a moment that is still powerful and life altering.

This is why the magic exists.

Never ignore it. Embrace it, celebrate it, and proclaim it because Maliyah, it is the greatest gift of all and the most magnificent thing you will ever celebrate.

Merry Christmas to you.

All my love,


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